What makes Music I.N.C. different from others?

Our ultimate goal is to bring out the musician in you..

At Music I.N.C., we understand and believe the importance of learning Music at any age. By integrating the Praxial Philosophy in our teaching strategies, we make the music learning process significant and relevant to our daily human life.

Music I.N.C.’s experience in Music Production makes this possible. By arranging, notating and even creating new songs for our students, we make the process more meaningful for them.

Lessons Offered:

We offer Basic and Advance Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin, Mandolin, Trumpet, and Voice. Classes are 30 minutes for beginners and can be longer for advance students.

Santa Maria CA singing & vocal lessons, teachers

Songwriting and Compositions:

Music I.N.C. focuses to develop the “musicianship” of students by consciously training them to listen intelligently, to perform and improvise music and whenever possible, to compose, arrange and conduct music.

In this picture, one of our creative students composed a song which was produced by Music I.N.C.’s in-house arranger and was being recorded in our recording facility.

“Theory and Performance in sync at Music I.N.C.!”