Our School Profile:

Music I.N.C. stands for Music Instruction. Notation. Creation. All these, we offer as part of our school’s services. We are a music company based in Oak Knoll Shopping Center, Orcutt-Santa Maria. Our school caters to different musical needs such as music lessons, music teams and choir training, music transcription, arranging and notation as well as instrument repairs, sales, and rentals. We have been in the music industry for 17 years both here and abroad.

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Our Goals:

Presently here in Orcutt, the school is busy creating wonderful musicians which later on will be part of Music I.N.C. ensemble, choir, and orchestra. The school also envisions a music college preparatory for the central coast in the future.

Our Philosophy:

The Praxial philosophy of music education highlights the multidimensional concept of music and its values in human life. 

It focuses to develop the “musicianship” of students by consciously training them to listen intelligently, to perform and improvise music and whenever possible, arrange and conduct music. 

(David Elliot, Music Matters, second edition.)

David Elliot is Professor of Music and Music Education at New York University. Elliot was educated at the University of Toronto (B.Mus, M.Mus., and B.Ed) and Case Western University. (PhD, 1983)

Just like Elliot, we at Music I.N.C. wish to answer the questions, “Where do you want to take your music learning experience in the future?” and make the journey as fulfilling as possible.